SOLD….Hawn Ocean View Est (Sea View Dr) (2 side by side lots with Cabin) ($1000 Down)….SOLD

Sorry property was recently sold!!!

Name of Property Hawn Ocean View Est (Sea View DR)
TMK 3-9-2-175-042 and 3-9-2-175-043
Cash Price $37,000
Owner Financing Price $40,000
Down Payment $1000
Amount of Owner Financing $39,000
Monthly Payments(Principal and Interest) $328.46
Annual Property Taxes: $200  $17.00 Monthly
Road Maintenance $264 Annually $22 Monthly Taxes:  $22.00 Monthly
Monthly Loan Services ($32.00) (Collects and pays taxes)(Weststar Loan Services) $32.00 Monthly
Total Monthly Payments(P&I, Prop. Taxes, Rd Maint., Loan Services)  $399.46 Monthly
LOAN TERM Years/Months  19.667 Years  /  236 Months
Interest rate  8%
Lot Size 2 acres (178×489)
Area of Property Hawaiian Ocean View Estates
Street, City, Zip Ocean View, HI 9673

 Two side by side lots with 2 Cabins, must sell.

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